Breaking Bad Props

To finish off your Breaking Bad Costume, you should think about bringing along a prop or two. Would be a great way to complete the look.

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) has stated that the meth on the show is actually cotton flavored rock candy:

Why not bring some of the same stuff along. Crush it up into bits and pack it in tiny baggies. Hand those around and  you’ll be Breaking Bad yourself.

breaking bad blue meth

Another thing you could do is maybe get a round bottom flask or maybe a beaker and use it for drinking alcoholic beverages out of.Maybe fill it up with Hypnotic to get that Methylamine look. I’m not actually sure how fragile the round bottom flasks are. They are made of glass and meant for boiling though.

breaking bad

Another thing you could do is fill a duffle bag full of play money or maybe fill it with mostly newspaper and the top with play money + candy meth. Maybe wrap some of the money in rolls too.

breaking bad cash

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