Badger Costume

Badger is one of Jesse’s loyal followers. He’s a hilarious character. He’s just so goofy and stupid, but he’s a loyal friend too. Anyway, here’s what I think would make a great Badger costume.

In one episode of Breaking Bad. Jesse runs into Badger while he’s wearing as a human advertisement.

badger breaking bad

First you need the dollar bill costume. I think for the show they made it a $1 costume, but all I can find online is a $100 bill costume:

Maybe you can wear something green underneath your costume. On the show it looks like Badger is wearing green tights and a long sleeve green t-shirt maybe.

His costume has a set of what appears to be foam wings. I didn’t see any online, but I don’t think you would really even need them.

Finish off the look with a green visor.

Make yourself a sign and twirl it like crazy. Even if no one knows who you are it’ll still be a great costume because it’s hilarious.

badger breaking bad costume

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